Preston Kelly

Preston Kelly

Preston Kelly

Jul 21, 2:35 PM

Thank you @farisy and @rosieyakob for stealing our attention at the first Positively Genius event!

Jul 21, 2:30 PM

Our Positively Genius Series will tap the brightest minds, boldest perspectives and just plain cool ideas from a diverse cross section of creators and communicators. Presentations, and perhaps equally importantly, and the follow up discussions, are intended to provide attendees with cross-industry connections. The rare chance these days to meet our peers face to face, brain to brain and learn together in a symposium of original ideas. Oh, plus, free wine and beer.

Jul 20, 0:09 PM

Are you a strategist with right and left brain prowess, an unyielding curiosity for all things digital and a resourceful and curious collaborator? If you answered yes to all the above, we should most definitely talk.

Jul 11, 4:49 PM

Practicing our killer spikes and epic digs. #golddiggers #volleyball #parkday #agencylife