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Feb 21, 3:18 PM

Acclaimed writer and philosopher Roger Scruton presents and original and radical defense of human uniqueness in On Human Nature

Feb 14, 2:32 PM

Celebrate #ValentinesDay with #PUPRed, and remember to submit your red pictures with the hashtag by the end of the day today for a chance to win your own copy!

Feb 13, 6:27 PM

Eric H. Cline, author of #ThreeStonesMakeAWall, taking measurements at Tel Kabri. An excerpt from his Q&A, now live on our blog (link in bio): "When I was seven years old my mother gave me a biography written for children, called The Walls of Windy Troy. It was about Heinrich Schliemann, the man who discovered ancient Troy. After reading it, I announced that I was going to become an archaeologist. When I graduated from college with a degree in Classical Archaeology, my mother gave me the same book again. Ive been going on digs since I was a sophomore in college. So far Ive participated in more than thirty seasons of archaeological excavations and surveys, mostly in Greece and the Middle East, including Egypt, Jordan, and Israel. Ten of those seasons were spent digging at Megiddo, which is biblical Armageddon. Were currently digging a Canaanite palace at Tel Kabri, in northern Israel, where we have found the oldest and largest wine cellar from the ancient Near East. It dates back to almost 4,000 years ago so far we have found more than a hundred storage jars, each about three feet tall, which held the equivalent of thousands of bottles of wine in todays terms. I talk about it in the book, including our hope to recreate the wine some day." #idratherbeanarcheologist : Kabri Excavations

Feb 7, 2:28 PM

In this beautifully illustrated book, Michel Pastoureau masterfully navigates centuries of symbolism to present the fascinating history of the color red #PUPRed