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Preparis Island is an island located between the Bay of Bengal and the Andaman Sea, 77 km (48 mi) to the NNE of the Coco Islands and 133 km (83 mi) to the SSW from Cape Negrais, the nearest point in the coast of Burma. It has a distance of 340 km (210 mi) south of the city of Yangon. According to 19th century visitors, the island was uninhabited by humans, but many monkeys were observed. The island was host to the 78th Highlanders regiment when their transport ship Frances Charlotte hit an off-shore rock in 1817. Most crew survived as a freshwater supply was discovered and their stay remained short. Preparis island makes up the northern end of the Andaman Islands chain. The island is 7.7 km (5 mi) long and has a maximum width of 1.8 km (1.1 mi). It is covered with dense forest and has gentle slopes rising to a maximum height of 81 metres (266 feet).