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Powermat Technologies Ltd. is a developer of wireless power solutions for consumers, OEM and public places. The company licenses IP, sells charging spots to public venues and the software to support their maintenance, management and consumer interaction. Retail products are sold globally under the brand Duracell Powermat. The companys inductive charging technology has been adopted by the Power Matters Alliance (PMA) and is the platform adopted by Duracell, General Motors, Starbucks and AT&T. Powermat products include both receivers (Rx) and Transmitters (Tx) for the mobile industry, consumers and public venues. It also licenses its technology, which enables compliance with the PMA. Additionally, the company offers a software service system to allow venue owners to control and manage the wireless power network they had installed - consists of charging spots and a gateway. Mobile application named "powermatrix" is an interface for users providing wireless power locations indication. The companys technology is based upon Inductively Coupled Power Transfer. As the block diagram shows, within a Transmitter (Tx) - by varying the current in the primary induction coil - an alternating magnetic field is generated from within a charging spot. The receiver (Rx) is a second induction coil in the handheld device that takes power from the magnetic field and converts it back into electric current to charge the device battery. An additional part of the technology is the System Control Communication: Data over Coil (DoC) – the Rx sends feedback to Tx by changing the load seen by the Tx coil. The protocol is frequency based signaling, thus enables fast response of the transmitter. Each receiver is equipped with a unique ID (RxID), enabling the system, when installed in public venues, to recognize users and communicate with them. The RxID is communicated as part of the data over coil to the Tx.