Power Consulting Associates

Power Consulting Associates

Mar 3, 2:15 PM

It was great to spend the week at the #TechAdvantage Expo. If you missed us at the show, check out our new website powerconsulting-llc.com.

Mar 1, 11:34 AM

Last day at #TechAdvantage: Don''t miss your opportunity to get a Bass Pro gift card! Visit us at booth 102 for your chance to win.

Feb 28, 0:17 PM

Don''t forget to find us at booth 102 today at TechAdvantage http://ow.ly/Qor9309rCfD.

Feb 24, 10:20 AM

Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day #NationalEngineersWeek #GirlDay2017 http://ow.ly/Djt8309k920


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