Power Consulting Associates

Power Consulting Associates

Jun 26, 2:20 PM

We know how great our oversight coordinators are, but it''s always awesome when someone else notices!! ""... wanted to let you know about the great work David Hardister has done on one of my projects ... Of particular note is his willingness to pick up the phone and call when any issue is encountered on site. Additionally, the status reports he sends are extremely helpful and detailed."" Keep up the good work, David!

Jun 14, 5:10 PM

More growth in our inspector group! Welcome to our newest field group heading out this week. Before we send new inspectors to the field, they all get environmental training from our Engineering VP Monica Sartain on best practices, no matter what area they will be in.

May 11, 2:29 PM

Sending another group of guys to the field after a successful week of training.

May 9, 2:40 PM

We''re always looking for more people to add to our growing family. http://ow.ly/ypfo30bzNmO