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Post Acute Medical

Post Acute Medical

Aug 1, 1:00 AM

Appropriate wound care is critical for returning to a healthy, active lifestyle. Discover the PAM difference in our wound care program today:

Jul 31, 7:00 PM

A very happy belated birthday to PAM Specialty Hospital of Victoria South, medical director, Dr. Riedel! Thank you for your continued dedication to the PAM team since 1997.

Jul 29, 0:00 AM

A special congratulations to Mr. Decuir, after overcoming many hurdles, he has happily been discharged to an acute rehab! Your cheering squad is extremely proud of you!

Jul 28, 0:00 AM

Love is in the air! PAM/WS had the pleasure of witnessing a marriage proposal in front of the bride-to-be's coworkers! Congratulations to you both!

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