Careers at Poptent

Why work for us

Poptent was a Philadelphia, PA-based social video marketing company that specialized in crowdsourcing of original and authentic video content for brands, marketers, and agencies. The company managed over 75,000 independent filmmakers across 150 countries who responded to Poptents client requests for video content. Poptent also provided access to its web-based video project management platform as a SaaS model for agencies, publishers, multi-channel networks (MCNs), and other large producers of video content. In early 2015, Poptent merged with the European crowdsourced video site Userfarm to form Vizy. Shortly after went live, Userfarm investors shut down the new site. Without Userfarms support, Poptent was unable to continue operations or pay their existing debts. The company shut down on June 25, 2015.