Apr 1, 8:01 PM

I''m in love with this movie! - Did anyone else see it? I''ve been lacking in edits but I think I want to do a Frozen Fever one soon. - I just got home from ballet class and my feet are aching! I guess that''s what happens when you point your toes for three hours. - My dog is being adorable right now and I kind of wish you could see her through my phone. - I have so much homework right now, I feel like my brain is going to fall out. How much homework do you have? ~Elle

Apr 1, 2:53 PM

Hello everyone! - Didn''t want to do another Doctor Who post again, but this was just begging me to be posted. - I want to thank you for almost 20 followers in a day! - That may not seem like much to some of you but I''m so glad some people are following me. - Let''s close off with a question. What''s your favorite TV show? - Of course my favorites are Doctor Who and Sherlock, but I''m also kind of addicted to Friends. - Love you all! ~Elle

Mar 31, 6:59 PM

Always loved this photo. - Tumblr is kind of my life, I don''t know about you. - So, hi! I''m @pondsandcompany but you can call me Elle. My real name is Elmira but I''m not even going to go into that. - I make bad edits and say stupid stuff but I hope you''ll give me a chance anyway. -My parents were total morbid geeks and Edgar Allan Poe fanatics (hence the name Elmira) so you can expect a lot of weird, nerdy stuff from me. - If anyone is reading this, please follow and comment with your favorite ship. If like to ask some kind of question on almost every post. - Have a good evening! - ~Elle

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