Pocket Gems

Pocket Gems

Pocket Gems

Sep 28, 9:52 PM

Extra, extra, read all about it. The marketing team is taking it back to the 20s at tonights team outing. #wearegems

Sep 26, 8:10 PM

Showing off some cool new Obsidian tier dragons from the last company meeting. Each meeting, a few teams will give demos of what theyre working on so everybody can see the cool stuff being made. #wearegems

Sep 21, 5:39 PM

#tbt to the Episode teams wine and painting event last month (fun fact: Pocket Gems painting events have 200% more Pikachus on average than other painting events) #wearegems

Sep 19, 8:51 PM

Its Tuesday- you know what that means.... Bold Lip Tuesday! #TGIT #wearegems

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