Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Mar 7, 10:05 PM

Our national security depends on developing better ways to detect nuclear explosions with increased sensitivity. At PNNL, researchers are advancing the science and technologies to meet this challenge. They work with colleagues around the world to deploy technologies to ensure that we can detect and characterize suspicious events. In his monthly column, PNNL Director Dr. Steven Ashby discusses PNNLs important work in this area. Read more at

Mar 7, 3:05 PM

Compared to healthy people, patients with inflammatory bowel disease are more likely to see dramatic shifts in the make-up of the community of microbes in their gut. While research has shown there are differences in the gut microbiome in afflicted people, a recent study shows the biggest difference is in the way the microbiome fluctuates. The findings can help physicians and scientists better understand the disease and potentially offer new ways to track the disease and monitor patients. Learn more at

Mar 6, 10:05 PM

"A microscope developed at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory and made for pennies could be used by a doctor visiting Africa this year to quickly assess samples in the field. This project, co-led by PNNL scientists Rebecca Erickson and Janine Hutchison, was featured in a recent Tri-City Herald story:

Mar 6, 8:05 PM

Its Womens History Month, and PNNL is featuring Women in Research. Dr. Nancy Hess is an EMSL Science Theme Lead. Learn more about her work at #WomensHistoryMonth #WomeninScience