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Park 'N Fly is an off-airport parking operator in the United States founded in 1967 in St. Louis Missouri by the lead magnate familys Theodore P (Ted) Desloge. The Atlanta, Georgia-based company was acquired in 1988 by the Dutch company BCD Group. Park ‘N Fly has been operating for 50 years in 14 markets, with 16 facilities, and 80 affiliate locations offering services from valet parking to car detailing to pet boarding and even online reservations. Additionally, Park 'N Fly has a network of off-airport parking services at over 67 airports in the United States through its Internet-based reservation system, the Park 'N Fly Network. Park 'N Fly has registered the trademark "Park 'N Fly", which was upheld as more than a descriptive trademark by the United States Supreme Court, in Park 'N Fly, Inc. v. Dollar Park & Fly, Inc., decided in 1985.
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