Pentucket Medical Associates

Pentucket Medical Associates

Pentucket Medical Associates

Feb 1, 9:22 PM

Juvederm helps minimize the appearance of moderate facial lines, wrinkles and scars. Learn more about its benefits.

Dec 4, 1:37 PM

Proud sponsor of the Greater Haverhill Chamber of Commerce Holiday Stroll this weekend.

Nov 3, 3:22 PM

Know the facts. Get tested. To see if you are at risk click the link below- note this test is not to diagnose but to provide with information about your risk factors. Always consult your primary care clinician should you have any health concerns.

Nov 1, 0:14 PM

November is Diabetes Awareness Month- Did you know that 1 in 11 Americans today has diabetes? Despite its prevalence, diabetes is an invisible disease. It affects men and women, people young and old, and people of all races, shapes and sizes. Often there are no outward signs from the 29 million Americans who fight this chronic illness every day. Thats why there is a critical need to foster awareness and education while breaking down stereotypes, myths and misunderstandings about this growing public health crisis that affects so many of us.