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Plivo, which dubs itself as the Amazon of Telephony, is a cloud based API Platform for building Voice and SMS enabled Applications. It is a Y Combinator-backed telephony startup that offers an API platform for voice and SMS applications, which raised $1.75 million in seed funding from Andreessen Horowitz, Battery Ventures, Qualcomm Incorporated, and SV Angel in December, 2012. Together with the Plivo Cloud, the company also distributes Plivo Framework opensource under the terms of the Mozilla Public License Version 1.1. Plivo provides Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) to make and receive calls, send SMS, make a conference call, and more . These APIs are used in conjunction with XML responses to control the flow of a call or a message. Developers can create Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) endpoints to perform the telephony operations and the APIs are platform independent and can be used in any programming environment such as PHP, Ruby, Python, etc. It also provides helper libraries for these programming languages.

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