Jul 25, 0:18 PM

It was great to see everyone at our first #PivotalDublin meetup on 7/20!

Jul 21, 6:30 PM

#PivotalTokyo had a great AMA with Edward Hieatt at lunchtime on Wednesday!

Jul 20, 0:33 PM

""Growing up, my favorite things were languages and programming. I took Spanish and programming classes where they were offered in high school, but mostly taught myself. In college, I majored in Symbolic Systems which was a combination of computer science, linguistics, and psychology. I wanted to learn a new language in college, and I wanted something differentSpanish felt too close to Englishso I started taking Japanese, although I wasn''t very good at it. And the obvious next step was to also take Mandarin, at the same time, while taking a very credit-heavy major. Except that was really hard. But instead of dropping one of the languages, I started researching language learning methods to see if any could help. I came across Where Are Your Keys?, an organization that helps revitalize endangered languages through a rapid language learning game they created. It was a lot of fun, and helped me a lot. Ive since worked with WAYK at several revitalization projects, which are always life-changing, and I play the game regularly with co-workers at Pivotal. My experience helping native communities with their language programs is surprisingly relevant when helping clients build software; many challenges are the same. Some people have had bad experiences in the past, and are quite rationally hesitant to jump in with the new, crazy thing you''re asking them to do. How do you help people navigate that in a kind and empathetic way? How do you make sure youre doing the right thing? How do you improve your process over time? I have gotten almost five completely priceless years of practical experience doing that with Pivotal. All of the software best practices Ive learned are certainly huge, but the skills Ive learned for solving soft problemsorganizational inertia, team dysfunction, conflicting business prioritiesarent as obvious at first, but are incredibly valuable. Kent Beck was right: behind every technical problem is a people problem."" -David Edwards, Engineer, #PivotalNY #pivotalvoices

Jul 17, 8:23 PM

We have a new podcast called ""That Moment"" about the pivots that changed everything: moments that opened doors for discovery and growth, but also brought the possibility of failure. Give it a listen and subscribe wherever you get your podcasts. [Link in bio]

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