Aug 30, 6:05 PM

We just launched Pivotal Container Service (PKS) which brings containers and kubernetes to enterprises. A partnership with @googlecloudplatform & @vmware. It''s safe to say enterprise tech will never be the same again. Here''s what Rob Mee, our CEO, had to say: ""Large enterprises need to run thousands of legacy applications, build next-generation of cloud-native applications, while decreasing IT spend without sacrificing availability and security. Today, I''m proud to introduce Pivotal Container Service. PKS includes: The latest stable release of Kubernetes with constant compatibility with Google Container Engine (GKE), PKS is engineered to be efficient to operate, PKS includes NSX for application security, and PKS comes out of the box with all the amazing GCP services"" Learn more at Pivotal.io/PKS. #vmworld #cloudcomputing

Aug 24, 9:59 PM

Rob Mee demonstrates how agile cornholing requires continuous deployment. #pivotalsf #circusparty

Aug 23, 11:51 AM

The new mural wall at #PivotalSF is looking great, see if you can spot your city!

Aug 10, 7:19 PM

I fell into the world of software and product management I had a business background and wanted to do something where I was solving problems and adding value. Software was something I thought would be cool to get into so I did some studying which led to the opportunity to work for the International Police, Interpol over in France. While I was working there as a project manager I realized that though I liked talking to customers and trying to figure out what would make their lives easier, I didnt like this whole process of writing down requirements, handing them off, and waiting for somebody to put something together. Then I came across Agile. I was working on a project in the US at the time and happened to see a team practicing this completely different way of working which was getting them results. I knew right then that this was the way I wanted to work. When I got back to work, I started campaigning to be able to work in this way and eventually got my own development team. We had a few successes early on that made a big impact on the police community. I think the best thing that you can do as a product manager is learn from your failures. In order to coach and enable clients to transform how they build software you need an environment that has a culture of experimentation and learning. Its really important in this line of work to know what does and doesnt work. The philosophy of Pivotal Labs is that theres always constant experimentation. We dont get everything right all the time. We may try something out as an experiment and it may fail but thats a great thing. We take it as a learning experience, so the fact that its failed, its great. We can move on. We can try something else. I think having that mindset and checking your ego at the door is what makes a good product manager. The way we approach software development at Pivotal is unique in that were not expected to have all the answers. Were actually going into engagements working together and learning together and as a result it keeps us honest. I think overall its just a really lovely way of working. Amjad Sidqi, Manager, Product Management, #PivotalSydney #pivotalvoices

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