Sep 1, 8:09 PM

Our hearts and thoughts go out to Hurricane Harvey victims.

Sep 1, 4:00 PM

Exciting advances at the intersection of science and technology. 3 Ways Virtual Reality Is Transforming Medical Care #healthcare #innovation

Aug 31, 3:55 PM

PinnacleCare helped this member who was confused by different treatment approaches, to process his diagnosis one step at a time. Guiding Me through a #Prostate #Cancer Diagnosis

Aug 30, 7:29 PM

Cutting-edge treatments are reaching the market with increased frequency offering new hope for patients who have exhausted their options to address serious and complex medical conditions. Personalized medicine like the first of its kind CAR-T Cell Immunotherapy was just approved by the FDA as an effective part of the disease fighting arsenal for very specific, limited conditions. A qualified, experienced health care advisor can guide patients to appropriate new treatment options, to ensure timely effective care. With the benefit of extensive medical knowledge on current, effective treatments and access to top specialists, an advisor can help patients weigh the pros and cons and offer peace of mind throughout the course of therapy and afterwards, always with the aim of optimal outcomes. #cancer #treatment FDA Approves First Gene Therapy Treatment For Cancer via NPR