Sep 25, 10:01 AM

Ill never forget it, says photographer @kikeo. We were sailing along the coast of Norway, less than a thousand kilometers from the North Pole. I remember we reached a 45-kilometer ice wall. It was impressive just massive, sparkling, white. But it was melting. Thousands of liters of water pouring out of the ice. (photo by @kikeo) #climatechange

Sep 22, 11:28 AM

For years, photographer @carobennett has dedicated herself to a long-term project that captures stories from the Amazon Rainforest one of the most biodiverse places on the planet and one that is critical for regulating our global weather systems. . As a storyteller, its an honor to do this work, she says. ""Ive made it my lifes mission to translate the worlds knowledge into visual stories as we seek to understand the mounting threats to the planet that we share. After all, we are deeply connected. (photo by @carobennett) #climatechange

Sep 21, 9:18 AM

For the past eight years, photographer @jashimsalam has been documenting the flooding around Chittagong and other coastal areas of Bangladesh. The subjects of his photos are his family, his neighbors and the people greatly affected by the floods. Hes documenting whats around him not only as a photojournalist, but also as a victim. . Every year, the water levels are rising,"" he says. ""So these images show the damage caused and help people understand how climate change is truly impacting our community. (photo by @jashimsalam) #climatechange

Sep 20, 0:45 PM

I cover extreme weather events, the industrial landscape, and those fighting to protect the planet, says photographer @juliedermansky. Being based in the New Orleans area, Im at ground zero to shoot the impact of climate change. And everyone in southern Louisiana is affected by this change, whether they believe in it or not. #climatechange (photo by @juliedermansky)