Jul 31, 4:09 PM

""I love photography. I love creating beautiful things,"" says landscape photographer & PhotoShelter member @andredistel. ""I dont take photos of everything. Id rather only take a few photos but plan my time carefully."" Pictured above: Gardens by the Bay in #Singapore. See link in bio for more of Andr''s work.

Jul 31, 11:20 AM

The East Bloc was in turmoil as people protested for open borders and free elections. Refugees were escaping. Then on the evening of November 9, 1989, word came that the East German government was opening its borders with the West for the first time in decades. . As I stood just feet inside of West Germany, there were two police officers waving to cars crossing past the red, black and gold post on the road into the West. It was all fairly routine, until this car slowed and a woman leaned out to hand a flower to the West Germany police officer. I instinctively pushed the shutter button hoping everything was right. . Being on the front lines and photographing history, coupled with the sheer joy on the womans face in this photo is why I became a photojournalist. For me, this image expresses everything the smile on the womans face, the eye contact with the West German police officer, his expression. And the fact that the border marker is just few feet behind the car in the background sets the place and helps tell the story. I made thousands of images along the border and the Berlin Wall, but none will come close to telling the entire story as this one did. . Photo by Scott Miller (@smillerpj2) #onephoto

Jul 30, 1:51 PM

""I am a freelance photographer with a great passion for travel. My main focus, both as a traveler and a photographer is the natural world landscape and wildlife, but also the interaction of these with people. . I like playing with whats in front of me when photographing; my approach is more fishing than hunting for photographs, and ideally there is also an element of catching the moment bringing some element to the scene that exists just there and then creating that unique image."" . Photo by new PhotoShelter member Hilde Foss.

Jul 28, 1:21 PM

""My favorite image at the moment is titled ''Vintage'' and was for an editorial featuring London-based bridal dress designer Yinka Alli. . I am based in London and specialize in fashion and portraiture. I aim to produce images which are bold and timeless and draw inspiration from the masters such as Peter Lindbergh and Patrick Demarchelier."" . Photo by new PhotoShelter member Josimar Senior (@josimarsenior).

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