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Phenomenex is a company involved in the research, development and manufacture of separation sciences products – with a focus on chromatography. Phenomenex was founded in 1982 by Fasha Farshad Mahjoor, who remains CEO and owner of the company. The company was first founded to distribute UK made chromatography columns, and began to manufacture them themselves in 1984. The product line includes Kinetex Core-Shell Technology HPLC/UHPLC Columns, Aeris Core-Shell BioSeparations HPLC/UHPLC Columns, Gemini HPLC Columns, Luna HPLC Columns, Synergi HPLC Columns, Lux Chiral Columns, Axia Preparative Columns, Zebron GC Columns, Strata and Strata-X Solid Phase Extraction Products, Phree Phospholipid Plates, rOQ QuEChERS kits, Phenex Syringe Filters, Verex Vials, and Phenova Proficiency Testing Standards. The company offers over 5600 different chemicals and compounds for chemical tests. In 2012 Phenomenex developed a test for carbendazim in order to prevent a recent rise in the fungicides presence within the American orange juice supply. The company has also developed a new method for the detection of alcohol consumption that can detect consumption up to 80 hours after the bodys exposure to it. Nine products by Phenomenex over the last eleven years have been awarded the R&D 100 Award. The company also sponsors the International "Humanity in Science" Award. The first Phenomenex subsidiary was opened in 1992, in the UK, with several more opening over the following decades. In 2007 Phenomenex purchased the Bologna, Italy firm Chemtek Analytica S.R.L. from Labservice Analytica S.R.L and the Hillerød, Denmark firm SupWare. Phenomenex opened its first Indian offices in 2011 in the city of Hyderabad, India. The company celebrated its thirtieth anniversary in 2012. That year the company also launched its first full service website in Chinese, expanding into the Chinese marketplace. Phenomenex then developed a 2013 tour across Europe entitled the European MASStastic Voyage roadshow in order to meet with the scientific public to teach them about mass spectrometry and separation science. In 2013 Phenomenex was featured on Terry Bradshaws television show Net Worth TV for its innovation in drug and food safety research, specifically addressing the separation and purification challenges of safety researchers. This included its sample preparation technology Strata-X. The company was also the recipient of two 2013 Laboratory Equipment Readers' Choice Awards in the "Chromatography Accessories" and "Chromatography Systems, Gas" categories. In 2012-13 Phenomenex was named Company of the Year by The Association for Operations Management.
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