Personal Genome Diagnostics (PGD)

Personal Genome Diagnostics (PGD)

Personal Genome Diagnostics (PGD)

Aug 29, 8:13 PM

Bostons calling! Join us tomorrow 8/30 at 3:00PM for a discussion on NGS Solutions Across the Oncology Drug Continuum with John Simmons, Ph.D., Director of Translational Science and Diagnostics at PGDx. To register and learn more, visit

Aug 16, 3:11 PM

Want to learn more about the future of ctDNA as potential a companion diagnostic? Stop by SC14 today at 6:45PM to join the discussion on Clinical Application of ctDNA with John Simmons, PhD. For more information, visit

Aug 11, 2:55 PM

Plan on attending #NGDx17 in D.C.? Meet us for dinner on 8/16 at SC14 with John Simmons, PhD at 6:45PM. Join us as we discuss Clinical Application of Circulating Cell-Free Tumor DNA and its potential as a companion diagnostic. To learn more, visit

Jul 19, 2:45 PM