Aug 24, 2:01 PM

Is your #marketing growth potential stunted? Bias might be the culprit. Persado's campaign optimizing virtuouso #KatDessenon explains how to eliminate #bias in marketing #testing and provide clarity to the...eyes, brain, and heart. Read here:

Aug 14, 3:50 PM

Congrats to Soultana S. on being Persado's 1st of 3 #winners! See our pinned post for contest details #WordsThatMoveYou #martech #AI #EQ

Aug 10, 3:48 PM

Retail CMO Study: Emotionally engaged customers deliver a 23% premium over their counterpart, but more than 1/3 of CMOs dont have systems for capturing/analyzing the emotional profiles of their audience. Retailers can bridge the relationship gap using AI. New report from WBR/ Etail and Persado, read here:

Aug 2, 7:39 PM

Featured: Brands That Build Consumer Relationships American Eagle Outfitters's lingerie brand Aerie "We listened to our customers, whether on social media, in the stores or in focus groups... That really helped us come to this point - Sr. Marketing Director Dana Seguin