Jul 26, 9:29 PM

Thank you to our cross-servicing panel: Lisa Goecke, Eric Hormel and Nick Prelog, and moderator, Dave Sullivan, for a most excellent Lunch & Learn. Our key takeaways include: Listen to the prospect's needs (really hear their story before chiming in), check in with prospects and clientscommunication is vital (to staying top-of-mind), and get to know people at your experience level, as you never know where they'll be in 10-15 years. Do you have a cross-servicing success story? What key components played a part in it?

Jul 18, 4:37 PM

The Oregon House recently passed a $5.3 billion transportation package which creates new privilege tax for car dealers. Learn more about what the privilege tax means for them in our latest bulletin

Jun 29, 7:23 PM

We have exciting news to share! Were proud to announce that effective July 1st, 2017, Shareholder and Director of Assurance, Jared Holum, will assume the role of president. Get the full scoop here

Jun 21, 9:15 PM

Accounting students, we know you have a lot of career-related questions, and it can be overwhelming trying to chart your course. If you want to gain valuable insights that will help guide your career path, you should register now for our workshop on 8/3.

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