Nov 17, 10:34 PM

PeopleMetrics is very excited to announce that we have an entirely new platform set to launch in 2017, and we are inviting our friends, partners and customers to get a sneak preview! For a guided tour and demonstration of the new platform, please visit us at We look forward to speaking with you soon and getting your feedback on the new PeopleMetrics!

Oct 8, 6:05 PM

PeopleMetrics, lunching and learning on CX Day in the main conference room. How did you celebrate CX Day?

Dec 16, 7:14 PM

Wells Fargo places customer engagement at top of strategic list. by

Aug 14, 6:12 PM

Mike closed the loop, and you should too. Customers will give feedback, whether you solicit it or not; how to handle a customer (even if its Alton Brown).