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Peiker Acustic GmbH & Co. KG (styled all-lower-case as "peiker acustic" in the official company logo) is a family-owned and -operated company, based in Friedrichsdorf, Taunus, Germany, with about 825 employees worldwide. Since 1946, the company has specialized in manufacturing electronic products including microphones, loudspeakers, handsets for radio and mobile telephone use, Bluetooth hands-free kits, and in-vehicle multimedia systems. In 2013, the Peiker group of companies generated approximately 173 million euros in sales. After the closure of large portions of the Milupa plant in Friedrichsdorf, Peiker is now the citys largest employer. Peiker Acustics main clients include well-known automotive and mobile phone manufacturers, along with various industrial firms, police and fire departments, emergency medical services, government agencies and official bodies and Public transit agencies. The companys specialties include the fields of acoustics (with analog and digital signal processing), validation,[clarification needed], and the manufacturing, construction and development of hardware and software for in-vehicle communications devices.