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Peace Coffee is an organization based in Minneapolis, Minnesota that sells organic, fair trade coffee. The company sells coffee through grocery, retail stores, food co-ops, and via the Internet. The organization operates throughout the United States, but has a strong presence in the Upper Midwest. Peace coffee is one of 24 fair trade coffee roasters part of Cooperative Coffees. Peace Coffee was formed by the Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy (IATP) in 1996 The company also partnered with Rigoberta Menchu. The idea for Peace Coffee came from Mexican coffee producers who had the goal of selling 100% certified organic and free trade coffee. In 1999, Peace Coffee joined the group, Cooperative Coffees. Currently, Cooperative Coffees has partnered with 20 different coffee-growing cooperatives in the countries of Mexico, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Peru, Ethiopia, and Rwanda. Peace Coffee partners with larger coffee-growing co-operatives rather than individual farmers. Groups such as Oromia Coffee Farmers Cooperative Union, which have over 10,000 members, allow for economies of scale to exist while maintaining a farmer friendly attitude. Co-operatives are necessary due to the high scale of demand from a large company like Peace Coffee. The disadvantages of not working directly with these farmers include less direct control over farming practices such as harvesting and processing improvements. Although Peace Coffee does consistently travel the countries of origin, visiting their co-ops at least once every two years, they do not have the same influence on cup quality because of the larger number of growers.

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