Apr 14, 4:25 PM

It was a festive morning at the Payoffice when everyone walked in to find Eggoons filled with candy and prizes on their desks. #officelife

Mar 28, 6:17 PM

Focused and excited for our spring & summer initiatives. #HappyMoney

Feb 22, 6:03 PM

A little look at the setup from the @aigaoc Field Trip we hosted. Our design team talked about ""Money, Design & Science: The Role of Design at Payoff"" last night, discussing our process and philosophy and previewing some fun and secret (shhh) stuff we have in the works . : @johnchoura

Nov 22, 5:27 PM

We had an awesome #friendsgiving today in the PayOffice. We brought all the staples but wanted to stay close to our SoCal roots as well with some tacos (turkey meat of course). #friendspayoff

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