Paul Davis Restoration

Paul Davis Restoration

Paul Davis Restoration

Aug 15, 6:00 PM

There are many ways to keep the information in your phone safe. Start with ensuring that your phone is locked with a password that only you know:

Aug 14, 6:00 PM

We often don't notice frayed lamp and appliance wires, but did you know that doing so could save your life? Be sure to check cords regularly to prevent injury or a fire:

Aug 12, 6:00 PM

Getting ready to mow the lawn? Always keep pets and children indoors when you're running lawn mowing equipment. Also, be sure to wear steel-toe boots to prevent injury.

Aug 11, 6:00 PM

Could your jewelry use a shine? Don't purchase expensive cleaners. Instead, combine a mixture of two parts alka seltzer and one part water. Use a toothbrush to apply it.