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Patriot Memory is an American-based designer and manufacturer of PC based USB flash drives, memory modules, solid state drives and gaming peripherals. Patriot Memory is one of the few remaining Silicon Valley manufacturers to still assemble computer components locally. PDP Systems was founded in 1985 and named after its founders Paul Jones, Doug Diggs and Phil. PDP Systems started during Joness time as a student at UC Davis as an OEM builder of computer memory chips into DRAM modules for many of the major PC manufacturers. Starting in 2003 PDP Systems released their own branded Patriot Memory line of DDR SDRAM to be sold in the retail and online market. Unlike the SDRAM manufacturers that released their SDRAM as bare modules, the Patriot Memory modules featured a bladed metal heat shielding across the entire DDR module. Patriot Memory continued the use of full module heat sinks across each generation of DDR generations to include DDR4.