Palo Alto VA Hospital

Palo Alto VA Hospital

Palo Alto VA Hospital

Mar 12, 8:13 PM

Todays #VeteranOfTheDay are Air Force Veterans Camille and Candace Scott and Army Veteran Crystal Womack. Camille, Candace and Crystal are triplets who served in the military. Although all three shared the same sense of duty, each took an independent path in their military careers. Camille served as a medical technician in the Air Force for 12 years. Her duty stations included Keesler Air Force Base, Osan Air Base in South Korea and Kirkuk Air Base in Iraq. Candace also served in Air Force for 11 years. She was an intelligence analyst, assigned to Langley Air Force Base. For her service, she was awarded the Air Force Commendation Medal and Achievement Medal. Crystal decided to join the Army, where she served as a Finance Manager at Fort Stewart, Georgia. Thank you for your service, Camille, Candace and Crystal!

Mar 11, 7:29 PM

Todays #VeteranOfTheDay is Army World War II Veteran Ramon G. Gutierrez. Ramon served with Company E, 2nd Battalion, 141st Infantry Regiment, 36th Division during World War II. His unit was deployed to North Africa and later assigned to the Italy Campaign. On Sept. 9, 1943, Ramon and his unit were one of the leading battalions to land at Salerno, Italy. As they advanced ashore, they were pinned down by intense enemy fire. Ramon rushed a machine gun nest to clear the way despite getting hit in the arm. For his service and gallant actions at Salerno, Ramon was awarded the Silver Star and received the Order of Patriotic War Second Degree from the Soviet Union. Ramon passed away at the age of 70, in his hometown of Wichita Falls, Texas. We honor his service.

Mar 10, 4:00 PM

Todays #VeteranOfTheDay is Womens Army Corps Veteran Mabel Kauffman. Mabel served during World War II. Mabel was born in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. She grew up in a family with 17 children. When she turned 20, she signed up to be a part of the Womens Army Corps. Mabel worked in a dental clinic during the war. Three of her brothers also joined the military. After Mabel left the service, she went on to raise four daughters, work multiple shifts, and take care of her husband, who was fully paralyzed from a car accident. In an interview with the Veterans History Project, Mabel attributed her dedication later in life to her experiences with the Womens Army Corps, saying you had to know how to do things. You had to get things done, the Army way. Mabel spent 46 years caring for her husband. She also volunteered at a hospital and belonged to a women Veterans organization. Thank you for your service, Mabel!

Mar 10, 10:44 AM

Sacramento Valley National Cemetery in Dixon, CA. Submitted by: Joanne Cruzana. We want to spotlight the memorials and monuments in your area. Send us a picture of a memorial with the name of the site, the location, your name - and Instagram handle (if you have one) to #VeteransMemorial #honoringvets