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OwnCloud (stylized ownCloud) is a suite of client-server software for creating file hosting services and using them. OwnCloud is functionally very similar to the widely used Dropbox, with the primary functional difference being that OwnCloud is free and open-source, and thereby allowing anyone to install and operate it without charge on a private server. It also supports extensions that allow it to work like Google Drive, with online document editing, calendar and contact synchronization, and more. Its openness eschews enforced quotas on storage space or the number of connected clients, instead having hard limits (like on storage space or number of users) defined only by the physical capabilities of the server. Frank Karlitschek, a KDE software developer, announced the development of OwnCloud in January 2010, in order to provide a free software replacement to proprietary storage service providers. The company was founded in 2011. OwnCloud Inc., the company founded by Karlitschek, has attracted funding from investors, including an injection of 6.3 million US$ in 2014.

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