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David Irving Oreck (born September 17, 1923) is an American entrepreneur, business salesman, and lecturer. He is the founder and marketer of the Oreck Corporation, manufacturers of vacuum cleaners and air purifiers, and is known through his appearances as a spokesman in Oreck television commercials and infomercials. David Oreck was born close to Duluth, Minnesota and attended the University of Minnesota Duluth. When Oreck was young, his father took him on a flight in a Ford Trimotor and, on the ice of Lake Superior, they landed the aircraft on skis; the experience proved so exciting to Oreck that he has been obsessed with planes and the mechanics of engines and electronics ever since. In his desire to ferry airplanes to Europe, Oreck began his flight training in the Civilian Pilot Training program in North Dakota before the U.S. entered World War II. Shortly after Pearl Harbor was attacked, Oreck joined the United States Army Air Corps and served as a certified pilot, navigator, and bombardier in the Pacific Theater for over two years. He participated in bombing missions over Japan in what were then considered state-of-the-art B-29s. Following the war, Oreck began his career as a wholesale distributor for RCA in New York. He worked with the company for 17 years, eventually reaching the level of general sales manager. It was during this time that the American public was introduced to several new products that Oreck helped market. These items included the washing machine, the microwave oven, and black-and-white and color televisions. Oreck accompanied RCA General Manager David Sarnoff to congressional hearings when the Federal Communications Commission was attempting to develop standards for color television broadcasts.