Orca Bay Seafoods

Orca Bay Seafoods

Mar 13, 3:56 PM

An honest and thorough review of our #mahi and #ketasalmon. Thank you @maddyreviews for trying our ! Find her review on @orcabayseafoods: http://www.lifeproductsreviews.com/2017/03/momsmeet-free-orca-bay-seafood-fish.html?m=1

Mar 8, 11:33 AM

It''s #internationalwomensday and we are grateful for the opportunity to work with the women of #orcabayseafoods. From sales, procurement, QA, marketing, business analytics, sales administration , accounting, manufacturing, HR and logistics and dating back 30 years to our cofounder Trish Haaker. #womenofseafood

Mar 3, 6:59 PM

A delightful breakfast of Japanese dish #onogiri made by Orcan, Hiroko H. Her onogiri is made with Orca Bay socked salmon. As comedian @mitch.hedberg said, ""I like rice, rice is great if you''re hungry and want two thousand of something.""

Mar 2, 2:27 PM

We hope our #albondigas is keeping the @risingtidealaska team warm up in #alaska! #Repost @risingtidealaska with @repostapp Lucky us, feasting on @orcabayseafoods new Seafood Albondigas soup. Savory sustainable cod and shrimp meatballs in a delicious tomato broth spiked with guajillo chile. This frozen one pot soup is 60 calories per serving with 7 grams of healthy lean protein.


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