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Why work for us

Open-Silicon is a semiconductor solutions company founded in 2003 to provide traditional ASIC design, derivative and platform SoCs, and production handoffs where Open-Silicon provides manufacturing operations. Open-Silicon was founded in 2003. The idea was to select best-in-class technology from the open market and apply it through an engineering process focused on three goals: low cost, high schedule predictability, and high reliability. Initial funding was provided by Sequoia Capital, Norwest Venture Partners, and InterWest Partners. Additional funding from those partners, and new partners Artis Capital and Bridgescale Partners, brought the total venture funding in four rounds of financing to almost $46M. In December 2007 Unicorn Investment Bank acquired 75% of Open-Silicon for $190M, with the rest of the company employee-owned. In May 2007, Open-Silicon acquired Zenasis Technologies, a maker of processor optimization EDA software. This technology has become the core of Open-Silicons MAX Technologies. This technology has also been expanded by Open-Silicon to focus on low power design and process variability management.