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Ooyala (pronounced /u?'j??l?/ "oo-YAH-la") is a venture-backed, privately held company that provides online video technology products and services. The company was founded in 2007 by brothers Bismarck Lepe and Belsasar Lepe, and their colleague and friend from Google, Sean Knapp. The word ooyala means 'cradle' or swing' in Kannada or Telugu (???). As of 2009, Ooyala was providing video technology and services for over 500 companies. The company has over 450 employees, and offices in Santa Clara, California; New York; Los Angeles; London; Sydney; Guadalajara; and Tokyo.[citation needed] In January 2007, Bismarck Lepe was working for Google. While developing new monetization techniques for YouTube, he came up with the idea of using computer vision techniques to deliver targeted advertising on TV shows recorded on TiVo. He contacted his brother Belasar and a friend, Sean Knapp, to discuss his idea.