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Onvia, Inc. is an American government business intelligence company with 180 employees and annual revenue of US $21.1 million. Onvia offers a number of business-to-business software products, including Onvia Business Builder, a government leads and relationship manager; Onvia Navigator, a database of government contracts; and the Onvia Guide, which provides push notifications of government business opportunities. Onvia is located in Seattle, Washington, USA. Onvia was founded in 1996 by 25-year-old Canadian entrepreneur Glenn Ballman as a one-stop shop for small business owners, initially selling over 25,000 office supplies on its website, Onvia raised US $70 million in early rounds of financing, and went public on March 1, 2000 on the NASDAQ where it raised US $235 million. In August 2000 the company was awarded "Hottest Startup in Canada" by the Toronto Board of Trade and Profit Magazine. In August 2000 Onvia acquired Globe-1, a business-to-government portal, turning the companys focus away from e-commerce to the government-bid space. Onvia then used its cash reserves to buy competitors, including DemandStar in March 2001.