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Oschner Health System

Sep 10, 6:51 PM

Just a couple of #ochsnerkids waiting on a #Saints win tomorrow... #playtough #saintsgameday #MNF : @khoryjvaughan

Sep 8, 4:54 PM

Nearly 1 in 100 babies are born in the U.S. each year with a heart defect, which is why our team is #relentless when it comes to #innovatinghealthcare for #ochsnerkids like Wills & his parents Derreck & Kris. #chd #chdwarrior #chdawareness : @derrickcantrelle . . . . ""The life I live seems great through the eyes of social media. I get to travel and help businesses succeed online, bring jobs to the marketplace, and live life without regrets which has been phenomenal! What isn''t noticed as much are the nights at the office until 3:00 am on calls with the other side of the world and time away from family. Although it is, I''ve been hit with the news today that my forever eating, healthy baby Wills will have to undergo yet another heart surgery very soon which just about rips the heart right out of my chest. I am beyond words of what I''m feeling but I also know that God and the incredible doctors at @ochsnerhealth will take Phenomenal care of our lil buddy and make him even more perfect than he already is by removing some extra tissue that''s constricting blood flow to the heart. You''d never guess given the amount of energy he has, always wanting to be on the go, and the pounds of food he eats each day. Like his daddy I''m not sure what story we will be able to tell when this is over but when we can, we will do everything possible to be there for other families going through these things emotionally and financially. I work hard and will continue to work hard so that families who go through these things will never have to worry about a stupid dollar but being their for their families.""

Sep 6, 6:06 PM

We #gogoldthis month & every month because the only thing tougher than pediatric cancer is the amazing group of #ochsnerkids we treat. #ChildhoodCancerAwareness #ccam #fightcancer

Aug 11, 10:13 AM

Swinging into the #weekend! #Ochsner broke ground this week on the Boh Center for Child Development, giving our region a place for #worldclass specialty care for kids with developmental challenges all under one roof. Arriving at #JeffHwy in 2018! #innovatinghealthcare #ochsnerkids #autismawareness #specialneeds #autismspeaks

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