Feb 23, 7:10 PM

Organizations often forfeit the benefit of consistent and coherent data collection because they dont give enough attention to the creation and maintenance of proper data governance documentation. This eBook explains in 7 steps how to: establish stewardship over the SDR; build the document with a focus on business requirements; ensure continual maintenance and quality assurance -http://ow.ly/6OC8309i7I7

Feb 21, 5:30 PM

In an effort to provide exceptional experiences for customers, many companies have worked to democratize analytics data across teams, implementing more and more technology, processes and personnel. But overall digital intelligence has not always scaled proportionately, leaving customers out to dry. Where does your teams web analytics performance lie? http://ow.ly/RMsE309dtSZ

Feb 16, 5:30 PM

Data Layer, Meet Data Layer Validation How you can set up the ObservePoint tool to validate your data layer, a key piece of functionality for your MarTech stack. http://ow.ly/2xG93092nnT

Feb 2, 0:15 AM

The ObservePoint team is having a great first day at our annual Winter Summit retreat. A lot to celebrate from 2016 and a lot of exciting things coming in 2017.