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Oblong Industries is a computer user-interface company based in Los Angeles, CA which develops conference room telecollaboration systems which respond to gestural input. Oblong Industries was founded in 2006 by John Underkoffler and Kwindla Kramer. The founders and the companys technology are based on Underkoffler’s research at the MIT Media Lab. Underkoffler designed the computer user-interface system in the Minority Report (film). In 2009 Boeings Virtual Warfare Center began adopting the technology. Oblong now sells the commercial version of that system for conference room collaboration. The companys core technology platform, which sits atop the linux-based server operating system Ubuntu as a distributed operating system, is a spatial operating environment (SOE) called g-speak. It is a software and hardware platform that combines gestural input, networking, and graphical output systems into a unified SOE to form a collaborative working environment.