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Sep 1, 8:00 PM

Anyone dealing with cancer knows that the best defense is having a team of physicians, family and friends to offer support throughout the recovery process. This was certainly true of NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital patient, Michael Butts who found a unique and lasting way to honor his support system. In 2014, Michael was diagnosed with an aggressive form of leukemia, Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML), and immediately began receiving chemotherapy at NYP/ Weill Cornell Bone Marrow and Stem Cell Transplant. Following chemo, Michael received a stem cell transplant where they infused lifesaving stem cells to reprogram his immune system to cure his leukemia. It was a grueling recovery, but his team of caregivers were always there to lend support. Recently, Michael surprised his caregiver team with a tattoo inked onto his calf of an orange ribbon representing blood cancer awareness and the four names of the most important people in his life during his recovery Dr. Tsiporah Shore, his medical oncologist, Sandy, a nurse practitioner and the first person he met at the hospital, Jessy a nurse practitioner on his care team, and last but not least, his wife April of 44 years. I had seen the ribbons online for various cancers and thought it would be a cool way to honor and show thanks for the women who saved my life, Michael said of the idea. Now wherever Michael goes, he proudly displays this tribute for the life he fought for and the women who made it possible.

Aug 31, 9:00 PM

Can a vaccine stop a cocaine addiction? Dr. Ronald Crystal and his team at NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital & Weill Cornell Medicine are working to find the answer. See how Dr. Crystal is using a common cold virus to create a vaccine designed to stop cocaine addiction.

Aug 30, 8:00 PM

Its that time a year again the temperatures start to drop, the leaves change colors and kids are preparing to head back to school. With back-to-school quickly approaching, parents have already begun securing basic necessities like backpacks. Each year, millions of children return to school with overstuffed backpacks, which can put children at risk of injury. Dr. Joshua Hyman, orthopedic surgeon at NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital Morgan Stanley Childrens Hospital, shares tips to help parents prevent potential back injuries from overweight backpacks:

Aug 29, 8:00 PM

Earlier this month, Luke's FastBreaks, an organization that supports pediatric cancer patients and other children in the hospital long-term by providing colorful medical shirts that replace the hospital gowns, visited NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital/ Columbia University Medical Center (CUMC) to present our patients with colorful shirts. This event was organized by the Children's Helping Advisory Team (CHAT), who helped bring the event to NYP. A big thank you to Lukes Fastbreaks and CHAT for creating such a special day for our patients!

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