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Nuveen is an American asset manager and wholly owned subsidiary of financial planning firm TIAA, itself known for its legacy focus on managing money for not-for-profit institutions such as universities and their employees. As a consequence of integration efforts over the last several years, Nuveen now manage the entirety of TIAA's own capital as well as all capital sourced from third parties. It is one of a limited number of non-sovereign money managers globally that have exceeded one trillion dollars in assets under management in recent years, and one of only a few that are not part of a larger organization offering retail or institutional banking at scale.

Nuveen was founded in Chicago, Illinois in 1898 and originally focused solely on municipal bond underwriting and investments. While its investments today span nearly all major areas of capital markets, it is known for its size and influence in domestic fixed income generally, tax advantaged municipal bonds in particular and private real estate. The firm also runs several sustainable investing strategies that feature prominently in its marketing and media efforts.

The firm's three major offices globally are Chicago, Charlotte and New York. Over a dozen smaller offices are maintained around the world to support regionally specific concerns.


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