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Nutricap Labs

May 11, 3:58 PM

Thinking about a #nootropic blend for your next #dietarysupplement product? Our friends over at BrainWiz have put together a list of 5 ingredients considerations for #focus and #productivity formulations. . . . Link to blog in bio. . #SupplementManufacturing #SupplementIngredients #nootropics #NutraScienceLabs

May 5, 1:03 PM

To Our Valued Customers & Followers: It has recently been brought to our attention that a Staten Island, NY-based company is operating under a company name that is similar to NutraScience Labs and has been allegedly charging consumers for unwanted dietary supplement products. We want to make it clear to you that NutraScience Labs provides leading contract dietary supplement manufacturing services to nutraceutical brand owners and companies. We are in no way affiliated with the organization that is engaging in these alleged activities. For more information and to read our official company statement concerning this matter, please visit the following link.

Apr 12, 11:55 AM

3, 2, 1....liftoff? Deciding to launch a #supplement company is a huge decision! Making sure that the right factors have been taken into consideration is a must. In this video we''ve pulled together 5 key considerations that are sure to get your thought juices churning. #dietarysupplement #dietarysupplementmanufacturing #contractmanufacturing #supplementmarketing Link to blog and video in bio.

Apr 4, 2:19 PM

Then you''ll definitely want to know the answers to these basic #GMP questions. Link to questions, answers, and blog in bio. #dietarysupplement #SupplementManufacturing #contractmanufacturing #Nutrition #NutraScienceLabs