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May 11, 0:46 PM

Nutramax Laboratories is pleased to once again support the Catawba River Chapter of Child Evangelism Fellowship's Christian Youth In Action 2017 summer program. CYIA is held in various locations during June and July where teens teach the Gospel to children ages 5 - 12 in Lancaster, York and Chester counties. For more information, visit

May 5, 2:56 PM

Special congratulations to 25 organizations participating in Give Local Lancaster that will receive matching funds of $1000 each from Nutramax Laboratories! Nutramax Laboratories was honored to provide these matching funds that totaled $25,000 in celebration of our 25th Anniversary. Thank you to all the organizations that participated in Give Local Lancaster and their amazing support in the Lancaster Community!

Apr 1, 1:39 PM

The Nutramax Laboratories Family sends best wishes to the South Carolina Gamecocks from Lancaster, SC!

Mar 21, 1:32 PM

Nutramax Laboratories would like to acknowledge and congratulate our employee, Jorge Rivas, for earning his United States citizenship. Jorge has been with Nutramax Laboratories since 2013 when he started as one of the first chemists in the expansion of our labs to South Carolina. He is still a chemist for the company and was promoted to the Analytical Chemistry Department as an Analytical Scientist II in May 2015. Jorge has been a permanent resident of the United States since 2006. He began the application process in October of 2016 and participated in the Naturalization Ceremony on February 20, 2017 where he received his Certificate of Naturalization along with 26 other individuals from 16 different countries. For more information on obtaining U.S. Citizenship, you can visit