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NTARA Interactive

Feb 27, 11:54 PM

Our VP of Client Services celebrated his workiversary today. Fittingly, several of our team members channeled their inner John Jordan and dressed just like him. We are so thankful for you and your leadership...and neutral wardrobe.

Feb 22, 8:37 PM

Ntara Creative Director Ron Coalson is the proud new father of Oliver Thomas Coalson. Congratulations, Ron!

Feb 16, 3:23 PM

Future Ntara Front End Developer Chase Trenda is at the keyboard already. Thanks to his Dad, James Trenda, for providing this picture.

Feb 9, 8:47 PM

Our Facebook Page is now verified. If you decide to get yours verified, keep in mind it'll take a couple of weeks after you start the process. Phone verification was wonky for us, so we had to submit a document to prove that we're the real deal. FB says verified pages show higher in search results.