Feb 27, 9:08 PM

Celebrating Birthdays today in the office Heath Bar Crunch Three layers of chocolate cake filled with whipped cream and heath bar candy pieces. The top of the cake is decorated with heath bar pieces, sliced almonds surrounded by a thin border of chocolate fudge frosting. Thank you to Elaine and Maria for decorating the kitchen!

Feb 22, 6:06 PM

NASA's Black Brant IX Sounding Rocket over Alaska this morning @RogueNASA

Feb 16, 3:31 PM

We are at @NedDevines tonight with @CWSBoston for #BOSTONCHILICUP come on by for the Fun.

Feb 14, 6:07 PM

Flight Engineer Peggy Whitson #WomeninTech @RogueNASA #BostonIT