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National Research Corporation (NASDAQ: NRCIA) was set up in 1981 and now is based in Lincoln, Nebraska. The company focuses on healthcare products and subscription-based solutions (analytics, program, and insights) in the United States and Canada. 1981 - National Research Corporation was established. 1994 - Picker Institute was established and began to develop the Qualisys technology in the next year. 1998 - The company completed the acquisition of Healthcare Research Systems, Inc. for its patient experience surveys. 2001 - The company announced the purchase of Picker Institutes healthcare survey business, for new growth market. 2003 -The company completed the acquisition of Smaller World Communications in Canada. 2005 -The company completed the acquisition of Geriatric Health Systems LLC, indicating the beginning of the company’s Health Risk Assessments solutions. 2006 -The company completed the acquisition of TGI Group LLC to establish The Governance Institute. 2009 - The company completed the acquisition of My InnerView, famous for its long term care quality measurement and satisfaction surveys. 2010 - The company completed the acquisition of OCS HomeCare, famous for its home health and hospice clinical and outcomes analytics. National Research Corporation annually provides Consumer Choice Awards, AHCA/NCAL Nat’l Quality Award , and Excellence in Action. 2010 - National Research was recognized as CMS (Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services) approved for HHCAHPS. 2012, 2013 – The company was named the largest patient satisfaction measurement firm in the U.S. by Modern Healthcare.


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