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NowSecure (Formerly viaProtect) is a Chicago-based mobile security company that publishes mobile app and device security software. CEO and co-founder Andrew Hoog was working as a CIO when one of his employees was dismissed. After this dismissal, Hoog was tasked with reviewing whether the employee had stolen any sensitive data from the company. Rather than hire a forensics firm to investigate, Hoog performed the investigation himself and continued to do forensic work on the side.[citation needed] Hoog and his wife Chee-Young Kim both contributed money to start the company, originally known as Chicago Electronic Discovery and then as viaForensics. Hoog devoted himself full-time to mobile forensics, while Kim continued to work at her corporate job during the day and participated in the business development at night and on weekends. In March 2011, viaForensics was profitable to the extent that it could pay for employee benefits, so Kim left her job and went to work at viaForensics full-time. On June 5 of that year, viaExtract 1.0 was released at a conference in Myrtle Beach. viaForensics introduced what was known as viaLab in March 2013. viaLab was a product that allowed automated testing for a variety of security flaws in apps, including man-in-the-middle attacks, SSL strip attacks, coding problems, and opportunities for reverse engineering.

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