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Jul 26, 2:40 PM

Learn how health care can leverage consumer loyalty best practices to drive real member engagement. We help plans boost Star quality ratings, optimize costs and strengthen retention and acquisition efforts alike. Get actionable insights for your plan when you download the latest webinar from NovuHealth EVP of Marketing & Engagement Jordan Mauer: Intelligent Consumer Engagement to Drive Quality, Retention, Acquisition with Medicare Members.

Jul 24, 1:06 PM

With a well-designed member engagement program, your plans quality, retention, acquisition and cost-optimization goals are all within reach. Download the latest insights from NovuHealth EVP of Marketing and Member Engagement Jordan Mauer to learn more.

Jul 18, 2:31 PM

When we talk about launching a member engagement program later in the year, budget can be a big concern. But heres why it shouldnt hold you backits all about reallocating your budget to achieve an outsized ROI.

Jul 17, 5:48 PM

Its no secret that a high churn rate can impact your plans brand value, risk adjustment, profitability and viability. So how can you hold on to your valuable existing members? Download our latest case study to see for yourself how our custom member engagement programs work to produce engaged, loyal members.

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