Apr 18, 9:07 PM

I started my career in the Electrical trade right out of High School in new construction doing underground work. Each time a storm would roll through they would have my group help the overhead guys. I knew early on that overhead was where I wanted to be. I have learned from this work responsibility for a job done right the first time, to have a passion for craftsmanship and to respect and care for your fellow worker. I have no certain date planned to retire, even at age 56. I want to continue what I do for a long time. There are times that I feel the years of climbing in my knees and back, but thats just battle scars of a Linemans life. I would recommend this line of work to others, but its not for everyone. - Bill Murray, Novinium Southwest Bill, were sending you a world of thanks for your years of commitment to customers and to your fellow linemen. #ThankALineman #Novinium #linemanappreciationday #lineman #linemen #linemanpride #linemanlife #linemanlove #linemanfamily #linelife #lifeonthelines

Apr 18, 7:08 PM

There is great satisfaction in helping people by restoring their electric service. People are very grateful in your efforts working in the most adverse conditions to get the lights and heat back on. When it is 0 degrees out, it doesnt take long for a home to get cold. Working as a Lineman, troubleshooter, restoring power and the effort to keep the lights on is a very rewarding experience. Now, working in the industry of cable rejuvenation for Novinium, I feel greatly accomplished in keeping the lights on. We are like silent partners of the utility companies, improving the reliability of the electrical grid in our great country. I am proud to be a part of a great company that provides the service of, keeping the lights on! - Ed Wyland, Midwest Your efforts are appreciated today and every day, Ed. Thank you for your hard work and dedication. #ThankALineman #Novinium #linemanappreciationday #lineman #linemen #linemanpride #linemanlife #linemanlove #linemanfamily #linelife #lifeonthelines

Apr 18, 5:17 PM

Thank you, Glenn, for your commitment to safety at work and always.

Apr 18, 3:15 PM

My story starts out like a lot of other linemen; my father is a lineman. I can remember seeing him at work and thinking that he was the coolest dad around. When I was in 7th grade I even borrowed his tool belt, boots, and hard hat to dress as a Lineman for Halloween. I always wanted to be a Lineman. Since being a lineman I have worked in five different states, brought the lights back on for thousands of people, and have had fun the whole time. I love being a Lineman. - Robert Wright, Novinium Headquarters A big thank you to you, Robert, and to your dad (the coolest dad around) for making being a lineman look like fun. #ThankALineman #Novinium #linemanappreciationday #lineman #linemen #linemanpride #linemanlife #linemanlove #linemanfamily #linelife #lifeonthelines

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