Northstar Anesthesia

Northstar Anesthesia

Northstar Anesthesia

Feb 10, 4:35 PM

There's still time to register for this webinar, "Major Factors for Preserving Anesthesia Excellence at Academic Medical Centers". You will learn: How to prioritize the academic mission while creating leading best practices. How to hold the faculty accountable for a service driven culture. The importance of partnerships and affiliations. How to leverage mid-level providers to optimize profitability.

Feb 3, 6:10 PM

Scott Janus, MD received the Be Accountable Core Value Award at our 2016 National Neighborhood Meeting. Scott is a unifying leader who brought order to perioperative process at Saint Mary's Ambulatory Surgery Center.

Feb 2, 7:30 PM

Marylou Roper, MD received the Mutual Respect Award at National Neighborhood Meeting. Marylou not only commands respect for herself, but generates and advocates respect for others. #PhysAnesWk17

Feb 1, 10:30 PM

Dane Hassani, MD received the Compassionate Care Award at National Neighborhood Meeting. Dane encourages others by using positive reinforcement, shows kindness and advocates for his teammates and patients. #PhysAnesWk17