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Northern Power Systems designs, manufactures, and sells wind turbines, and provides engineering development services and technology licenses for energy applications, into the global marketplace. The company was founded in 1974, and has since grown into a multinational corporation headquartered in Barre, Vermont, with European headquarters in Zurich, Switzerland and a significant presence in the United Kingdom and Italy. Todays Northern Power Systems was started in 1974 in Warren, Vermont, as Northwind Power Company. Its founders hitchhiked to Colorado, Minnesota, and North Dakota to buy secondhand Jacobs wind plants. They trucked the wind turbines to Vermont where they reconditioned them for resale as the North Wind “Eagle.” In 1978, North Wind was awarded a U.S. Department of Energy contract to develop a high-reliability 2 kW wind turbine for the growing telecommunications market. As a result of that work, North Wind developed its HR2 wind turbine, a three-bladed, horizontal axis up wind rotor configuration utilizing a slow-speed, direct-drive 2.2 kW alternator. This small wind turbine soon gained international market acceptance as one of the most rugged, high-reliability wind turbines available. Over 600 HR2 and its successor HR3 wind turbines were sold over approximately 20 years of production. Northern Power wind turbines have been installed in over 40 countries on all seven continents, with many still operational today.