Nix Medical Imaging Services

Nix Medical Imaging Services

Nix Medical Imaging Services

Feb 15, 8:54 PM

If you are a patient 65 years or older, of if you care for a loved one who falls into that age group, Dr. Elenita Usher is accepting new patients. Dr. Usher is a Geriatrician as well as Director of our Nix Senior Care Center, a Recognized Patient-Centered Model Home. She is also compassionate, caring, and offers comprehensive, patient-centric care. Please call 210-568-5600 to schedule your appointment.

Feb 6, 2:41 AM

BMI, HDL, LDL, A1CIf these acronyms don't resonate with you, it may be time for a heart health screening. February is a great month to schedule these tests with your doctor.

Jan 16, 3:48 PM

Make this day a day of service as we honor the great Dr. Martin Luther King.

Dec 31, 8:52 PM

Happy Healthy New Year San Antonio!