National Institute of Environmental Health and Safety

National Institute of Environmental Health and Safety

Jun 26, 1:30 PM

Even though theyre in great physical condition, #athletes are at risk of #heathealth issues due to the combination of exposure, exertion, and, in some cases, wearing protective gear that traps heat. Learn more at

Jun 22, 1:55 PM

June is National Safety Month! The NIEHS Worker Training Program awards grants to train workers engaged in activities related to hazardous materials and waste generation, removal, containment, transportation, and emergency response.

Jun 15, 0:05 PM

Remember: NEVER leave children or pets alone in hot vehicles! Cars can heat up to 20 degrees in just 10 minutes! #HeatHealth

May 11, 1:39 PM

Sharon, program specialist, is proud to provide administrative support to the staff whose scientific research and findings lead to better health. Thank you Sharon for your service! #PSRW #NIH